No Firearms Sign

Types of no firearms signs

You may want to limit firearms on your property out of concern for safety, sensitivity to local mores, as a matter of principle or conscience, or just because firearms are inappropriate where you are. Your rationale can influence your choice of sign, too – in an area where handguns are a particular problem, you may want to put up a sign with an outline of a handgun rather than a rifle;there are signs that are also perfect for areas where guns are allowed but there have been incidents of unsafe usage.


Non-Test Tags
A standard no firearms sign will generally contain a graphic that indicates a prohibition of firearms on the property – often a circle with a line through it. This will often be combined with a citation of state or local codes, rolex replica and often also an outline of the consequences of breaking the rules.

Bilingual Safety Tags

If you have your own office in a larger building, a door sign prohibiting firearms may be a good option for you – since you may not have the discretion to dictate policy for the entire building. Door signs are typically smaller than other signs and may make more sense from an aesthetic standpoint than a larger sign. They’re often made of plastic, and can be engraved with either stock or custom messages.

Hazardous Materials Safety Tags
Many no firearms signs are intended to prohibit firearms in their entirety. Others, like you might see in a firearms shop or a store that sells hunting and fishing goods, only restrict them on a smaller scale; prohibiting only loaded firearms, for instance, allows unloaded firearms on the premises. Signs like these can also prohibit firearms in specific areas instead of an entire building or property.

Defective & O.K. Tags
Some no firearms signs do not explicitly prohibit firearms, but mention situations in which it would either be illegal or just a bad idea to carry a gun. As it stands, for example, 31 states say you can’t handle firearms while you’re under the influence of alcohol. A sign can serve as a friendly reminder to residents of those states not to carry their weapons if they intend to have a few beers.

Repair Tags
Most reputable vendors will allow you to customize your no firearms signs to meet your company’s needs. Oftentimes, this involves putting your company’s name on signs you’re ordering to personalize them, but also to show that your company cares about its rules and regulations.

Self-Laminating Photo Tags
For areas where firearms are usually forbidden, you might want to alert visitors if they ever are allowed – such as on game preserves or parks where some spots are set aside for hunting.Firearms permitted signs are also great for businesses like firing ranges or gun shops, where there’s a marketing advantage in encouraging your customers to bear their arms proudly!
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